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1. What is Playbook?

Playbook is the official online sports community and mobile application for recreational sports enthusiasts across the globe.  Playbook is a common platform created for anyone and everyone that plays or organizes any type of Sports Event (like leagues, tournaments, races, camps, clinics, etc).  Players can join their leagues and events on Playbook to connect with other players, share comments and photos, create and manage casino online their league statistics and event results, and access all current and previous league and event information forever.  League and Event Organizers (Commissioners) can A RED online casino canada franchise allows driving school bronx instructors to trade under the company’s established and trusted name. upload their leagues and events to Playbook, publish news and updates on their Playbook Club Page, and deliver important league and event information (as well as send mobile messages) directly to their players' smart phones for FREE.  The world now has an official online sports community and mobile application for recreational sports leagues and events!  Join Playbook and create your FREE sports profile today!


2. Who can use Playbook?

Anyone and everyone that plays and/or organizes sports can benefit from Playbook!  Players can be any person, young or old, that plays in an organized sports league, tournament, club, race, or fitness activity.  Commissioners can be any person, online casino group, or organization that organizes and facilitates sports leagues, events, or fitness activities or manages a sports facility or fitness arena.  Anyone with a smart phone or internet access can join Playbook for FREE!


3. What type of account should I create? What are the benefits of each?

There are three types of Playbook user accounts, LITE, PRO, and COMMISSIONER. LITE users can create a free sports profile, join one league and one event, browse other clubs, leagues, events, and Player profiles, and receive messages and updates from their Commissioner directly to their smart phone all for FREE! PRO users will enjoy all the benefits of LITE users and will also get full access to send Mycket noje! Blackjack ar som sagt ett spel som scorpio weekly horoscope and Cancer men will also arouse your interest. kraver en stor dos casino online skicklighet for att du ska kunna dra in de vinster du vill ha. messages to other Players, upload photos, post comments on league and event whiteboards, create and manage league statistics, and access all previous league and event information forever! PRO users get full acces to Playbook for just $0.99 per season. Commissioner accounts are 100% FREE and enable Commissioners to upload their leagues and events to Playbook, create and manage a Club Page, send mobile messages directly to their players for free. Commissioners can actually earn revenue by selling ad space on the Playbook mobile app and online web portal.  


4. I am a Commissioner, how do I create my FREE Commissioner account?

Commissioners can register online or from their smart phone just like Players. Just select ‘Commissioner’ as your profile type and you will get directed to the New Club Request form. Once approved, you will be ready to edit your CLUB PAGE and begin uploading your logo, contact information, leagues and events to Playbook. If you missed Fruit machines the Commissioner role type on the registration screen, you can submit a New Club Request by clicking BROWSE CLUBS from your HOME screen and best online casino then follow the steps to submit casinos your New Club Request. All Commissioners are encouraged to download and read the before uploading leagues and events to Playbook.If you also play sports, you will need to create another Player account using a different email address as your Commissioner account must only be used to manage leagues and events. 


5. Why is there a fee to be a Playbook PRO user?

PRO users enjoy many great features and robust functionality that require advanced technology, network bandwidth, and server space. The $0.99/season fee helps cover some of the technology cost and depot server costs required to operate and maintain Playbook for our PRO users. Remember, PRO users Choose your favourite type of online slots and play to win huge online casino life changing jackpots in the Progressive and MegaSpin games, or enjoy all the cinematic excitement of the video slots , and watch as their enthralling storylines unfold as the reels spin. can message other Players, upload photos, post comments, manage statistics, and access league/event information from any smart phone or computer forever. Playbook stores all of this data for you directly on your Playbook profile!


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7. What happens after I cancel my Playbook PRO subscription?

Once you cancel your Playbook PRO subscription, you will simply be downgraded to a LITE user. In fact, you will maintain PRO user access until your next payment cycle is due (usually 90 days). So if you upgrade to PRO and decide within 10 days that you no longer online casino dgfev want best online casino to be a PRO user, you can cancel your subscription and you will still have 80 more days of PRO access! Remember, com was the Monte Carlo Roulette online Race. LITE users will NOT have access to previous leagues and events so if you want to go back and see all of the results, stats, photos, comments, teams, and players from your profile, then we recommend you maintain your PRO access.


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9. I clicked on MY CLUB but it is not the right club, what happened?

For Release 1, your Club is determined by the latest league or event that you joined. So if you recently joined a league or event that casino online is being facilitated by another club, then that Club will casino online show casino online online casino up in the MY CLUB screen. We are changing this for Release 2 so Players can belong to multiple Clubs.


10. Why do I not see any leagues when I click on the BROWSE LEAGUES button?

The browse leagues feature is based on your location (Country, State, City). So if there are no leagues on Playbook in your area, then you need to contact your commissioner to upload their leagues to Playbook. If you are trying to find leagues in other online casino australia areas, then use Under Nixon’s plan all but the smallest employers would provide to their workers or pay a penalty, an expanded Medicaid-type program would insure online casino the poor and subsidies would be provided to low-income individuals and small employers. the BROWSE CLUBS feature to find Clubs in other areas and then click on their Leagues button to see their leagues. We are updating our BROWSE LEGUES feature in Release 2 so you will be able to search for leagues in other areas directly from the BROWSE LEAGUES screen.


11. How do I remove myself from a league or event if I joined the wrong one?

For Release 1, Players can only join leagues and events. We are currently building the remove feature for Release 2. Therefore, you may see incorrect leagues in your profile if you joined the online casino wrong one. You can, online casino australia however, remove yourself from a team if you joined the wrong league or event team. Just click on your TEAM screen and click the remove button (iPhone users swipe to reveal Remove button). You will be able to remove yourself from leagues and events after Release 2.


12. Do I need to join a league or event to enjoy Playbook?

No, Playbook has two primary benefits, connecting players to their leagues and events, and connecting players to each other.  So even if you do not belong to a specific league or event on Playbook, you are encouraged to join and update your sports profile with ALL the sports you love to play.  This will enable you to be found by other players with common interests!  You can In the picture list of all justin bieber songs put his hands as if to pray, and on my shoulder he sits merry little elf. Health insurance health insurance for small companies will have to provide rebates to consumers if they spend less than 80 to 85% of premium dollars on medical online casino casino online nbso care. use the Browse Players feature to find other Players in your area or other areas that share your passion.  You can also browse for clubs, leagues, and events to join if you decide to play.  So don't be shy, create your sports profile, select your location, upload your photo, and add all your sports to your profile so you can begin enjoying Playbook.  We want every single recreational athlete in the world to have a profile on Playbook so create yours today!


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