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Playbook Community, LLC was founded in October 2010 by recreational sports league and event organizers in the United States.  Combining their passion for technology with their passion for recreational sports leagues and events, the founders of Playbook Community discovered an opportunity to provide the entire world with a FREE mobile application to benefit all athletes and athletic organizers across the globe.  The men and women behind Playbook are actual recreational sports organizers that understand EXCATLY what players and organizers want and need in a mobile application and online sports community.  

Mobile communication is the future of sports marketing, social communities are the future of social networking, and  Playbook Community is the world's FIRST mobile sports community, connecting athletes to each other and to their sports organizers for life!    




To provide every single athlete and athletic organizer across the globe with a FREE mobile application for their recreational sports leagues and events.  To create instant value for Players and Commissioners around the world that choose to leverage Playbook  Community for their recreational sports leagues and events.



Playbook Community is a FREE mobile application and online sports community for recreational sports enthusiasts across the globe. Playbook charter schools in brooklyn faculty and the classroom experience is facilitated by rising-star d. Community is a common mobile platform created for anyone and everyone that plays or organizes any type of Sports Event (leagues, tournaments, races, camps, clinics, classes, etc.). Players can join their leagues and events on Playbook Community to instantly connect with other players, share comments and photos, create and manage their league statistics, and access all current and Get is a world leader in the development of applications for data recovery, computer forensics and Windows system utilities. previous league and event information forever. League and Event Organizers (Commissioners) can upload their leagues and events to Playbook Community, publish news and updates on their Playbook Community Club Page, and deliver important league and event information (as well as send mobile messages) directly to their players' smart phones for FREE. There is finally an official mobile online casino application and online sports community for recreational sports enthusiasts across the globe!  Join Playbook Community and create your FREE sports profile today!







New Playbook Home profile screen for Players and Commissioners.  Players will have access to all  sports, clubs, leagues, and events from their profile.  Club Page will be the new home screen for Commissioners.

Users can Browse Leagues by location and by sport (similar to Browse Events).

Players can join multiple Clubs and will have a Clubs tab on their profile screen (similar to My Leagues and My Events).

Enhanced messaging features for Commissioners. Send messages by player, by league, by event, or by sport. 

New Join buttons will direct Players to the Club's website to register for leagues and events. Commissioners can use Playbook to list their leagues and events and Players will then be able to click 'join' to be directed to the website to register instantly.

New Free Agents button on League and Event pages for players to easily find and recruit subs to join their teams.


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